woman's armor workshop

About me

Who I am
My name is Sasha Chanchikova. I live in the Republic of Khakassia (a region of Russia located in the Southern Siberia). I've been a hobbyist seamstress for many years before starting my journey in professional corsetry in 2018. Fantasy escapes and movie costumes are my primary source of inspiration, and I would be happy to equip you for your adventures.
My credentials
Corsetry is a precise science. The stakes are higher than in other types of sewing, because a poorly constructed corset can do more harm than most other garments. This is why I believe that formal training is important, and I'm happy to prove that I've received mine.
Corsetry 101
Basics of corsetmaking: how to draft corset patterns, adjust them for the client's needs and assemble the garment. Course taken in May 2018 at Irina Pavshina's Corsetry School in St.Petersburg, Russia.
Lingerie set
How to design and assemble a full set of tailored lingerie: a bra, a pair of knickers and a matching corset. Course taken in May 2018 at Irina Pavshina's Corsetry School.
Corset vest with shoulder straps
How to add different necklines and shoulder straps to a tailored corset. Course taken in June 2018 at Irina Pavshina's Corsetry School.
Dress with a built-in shaping corset
A course in how to make a dress supported by a hidden corset built into the design. This skillset helped me design all the prom and wedding dresses I've done so far. Taken in June 2018 at Irina Pavshina's Corsetry School.
Meet my co-pilot
Jarvis is always there to cheer me up and conduct quality control, and I can't imagine my workshop without him.
Contact me:
Phone: +7 (960) 759-89-99
Email: womans-armor-workshop@mail.ru
Russia, Republic of Khakassia, Abakan, Stofato str., 14A