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Every body is different, so each corset is priced individually based on the amount of fabric and the complexity of its decor. However, you can click here to view the baseline prices.
Pricing options
The prices below are estimates for closed-front corsets.

For a straight steel busk, add $10. I find that zippers are rarely resilient enough for cinching, but some designs may allow for them. If you would like a zipper, make a note in your request.

I can also do spoon busks, but they are much more expensive and take a long time to arrive, since they're mostly made in the UK these days. I do not have any in stock at the moment.

You will only be charged after we confirm every detail of your order.

Shipping is not included in the price but I do my best to find the most affordable shipping option for each country.

I accept payments via PayPal.
A simple and comfortable piece providing breast support and trendy silhouette lines without the cinch. Because it ends at the waist, it's easy to combine with any bottoms you own, whether it's a high-rise silk skirt or a pair of oversized jeans.
Plain underbust corset
Plain underbusts made out of synthetic mesh are perfect for wearing under clothes to accentuate the curves in a subtle and discreet way. The same style in durable cotton would be worn over the clothes as a statement piece.
Plain overbust corset
Overbust corsets provide support and lift for the breasts without the back or shoulder pain. The price above is for a cupless overbust. I can do cupped overbusts, but they usually require multiple mockup fittings with all the mailing and fabric costs that entails.
Corset with custom decorations
Custom designs are priced depending on the complexity and the material costs. I'll do my best to fit your budget.
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