Order my Widow Robe
Old Hollywood glamour in a fully customizable design, made just for you
The design
Optional feather trim
Add more flair to your robe with the ostrich feathers or opt out for a sleek, almost elven look.
Wide sash
Helps create a striking hourglass look even on a loose garment.
French seams
French seam is a technique that hides the overlocked edges inside the seam. It's usually seen only in the most high-end underwear garments.
Soft fabric
My go-to options are glitter jersey to stand out in the spotlight or silk satin for everyday wear, machine-washable and more durable.
Bell sleeves
Is it us? Are we the drama? We don't think we're the drama. Maybe we are.
Optional train
A must for a dramatic performance. Can be omitted for practicality in everyday wear.
The process
Every robe is made to measure to ensure the best fit and maximum comfort for my clients. It might sound intimidating, but I have years of experience and a perfect score in remote tailoring. I have developed a process that makes it easier than shopping for clothes at the store - satisfaction guaranteed.
Make a request
Reach out to me via the form at the bottom of the page. The information you provide will be used to calculate the shipping price.
Get in touch
I am going to get back to you with my current schedule and the shipping prices for your country.
Choose your style
Pick the fabric, the color and the length. Also, decide whether you would like the ostrich feather trim.
Take your measurements
For the robe, I only need to know your height and the circumferences of your bust and waist. I have an illustrated guide to help my clients take those correctly.
Pay for your order
After we decide on every detail, I will send you the PayPal link.
Pattern adjustment
I begin constructing the robe by drafting the pattern. Every piece is unique and made for a particular body. I have a lot of experience fitting all shapes and sizes.
Assembling the robe
After that, I cut the pieces and assemble them with the French seam technique. Then, ostrich feather trim is stitched onto the edges by hand.
After I ship your order, you will get the tracking number and the approximate date of arrival.
How it looks
Glitter jersey
How it looks
Pricing options
The fixed-price options cost the same for all shapes and sizes.
Shipping is included.
Plain robe
An elegant flowy robe that feels just as luxurious as it looks. Can be made out of silk or soft glitter jersey for extra dazzle. Sewn with the French seam technique to be incomparably tender on the skin.
Ostrich feather robe
Just as comfortable and elegant as the plain robe, but trimmed with ostrich feathers for the distinctive Old Hollywood glamour look. Perfect for drag and burlesque performances or extra special occasions.
Custom fabric/trim
Personalized pricing
If you want to add an extra bit of sexiness with a see-through fabric or look even more regal in velvet, this option is for you. The price will be calculated based on the materials you choose.
Request your consultation
E-mail is my primary way to communicate with my clients. If it's been 24 hours and you haven't received an e-mail from me, please check the spam folder. You can also whitelist my address in advance.
Additional information
Tell me whatever you think I need to know or ask a question about your order.
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